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The primary goal of RIDS NGO is to build educational institutions in the villages where every child gets opportunity to learn irrespective of their financial capacity. We make the learning special, by not just focusing on the curriculum, but also no on instilling a self sustainment thought by teaching organic farming techniques right from the primary educational levels.

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Making Every Woman

Another focus area of RIDS is Women Empowerment. We strive to provide equal educational opportunities, create awareness of rights, and skill training. Every initiative of RIDS ties back to the concept of self-sustainment

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Organic Farming

The 3rd and the most passionate objective of RIDS NGO is to drive organic farming awareness. Creating a life free of chemicals and building a generation who believes in purity of food and soul.

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A Quick Note on RIDS Trust.

RIDS CHARITABLE TRUST is a Non-Governmental Organization registered in 2016 under the registration number IV 83 16-17 of Indian Trusts Act 1882 with Darpan Unique Id of VO/NGO/KA/2018/0188641. RIDS focuses on rural segments and aims at providing support to the needy and underprivileged in the villages and remote areas especially for women and children welfare activities.Most of our Indian villages lack empowerment, awareness and decent education.
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We are excited to know that you relate to our philosophy, thought and direction. Investing in RIDS NGO is not just another charity work you would be carrying out. Being part of RIDS make you a propagator of change. A change that can drive tomorrow’s generation.

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